September 12-15, 2019

Missoula, Montana


Ends on September 15, 2019

We love our volunteers! 

Sign up to help put on events leading in the off-season, such as poetry bingo, pint nights, readings and other fun community events. Our volunteers have the chance to meet authors, work closely with the directors to plan and schedule the festival, have early access to books featured at the festival, etc. This is a great way to get to know the literary community in Missoula -- and it's a really special one to be a part of!

Volunteers have free admission to the festival. 

Sign up today!

Ends on September 2, 2019$100.00

Exhibitors are invited to participate in the 2019 Montana Book Festival exhibitor fair. The fair will be held for one day in downtown Missoula, Montana.
Exhibitors will be provided a 6' exhibit table with white linen and 2 chairs, as well as internet access. 

Exhibitors can be anyone from publishing houses, other festivals, etc. - anyone with a crossover audience is welcome to reserve a spot! 

Exhibit space is limited, so early reservations are recommended. Priority will be given to previous exhibitors and those whose tables represent more than one author. This application form will remain open until our exhibitor space has filled, or two weeks before the festival.


Be a part of the 2019 Montana Book Festival by submitting your idea for a panel, event or workshop!

Often, a participant who proposes a panel or event knows exactly who will be participating and communicates with the participants, compiles their information, and generally takes control of their panel/event. 

The Book Festival will communicate with the contact person about the location/date/time of the event, but will not attempt to find participants for it, etc. These types of panels/events are highly likely to be accepted to be a part of the festival. 

However, fun ideas are also encouraged! We want to hear from you!

We are interested in panels and events like (but not limited to):

  • Craft workshops on building plot
  • Reimagining the Western Narrative
  • Self-publishing discussions 
  • Native American literature
  • Issues concerning race, diversity and inclusion
  • Creating and experiencing Queer Literature
  • Cross-genre Insights: What do poets and memoirists share? 
  • How does research play into fiction?
  • Who benefits from nontraditional narratives and characters?
  • The intersections of visual art and writing 
  • ... and more! Please be specific and creative. We want to hear your ideas!

Thank you for your support and interest in the Montana Book Festival!

The Montana Book Festival will be accepting submissions from February 15th to June 15th and the festival lineup will be announced in July. 

A festival committee will consider the submissions and select the authors to be invited to the Montana Book Festival. Books published in 2019 will have priority consideration. Due to the large number of submissions anticipated, the Festival is unable to reply to each inquiry individually. These are rolling submissions, meaning we will be accepting authors throughout the submission window, so please do not wait to submit.

Self-published titles will only be considered if they meet the following criteria:

  • Printed copies can be available for our booksellers to sell
  • The work has been professionally edited and a marketing plan is in place
  • The author maintains an accessible website

The consideration for self-published titles that meet the above criteria will be the same as traditionally published books, as outlined above.

Festival authors will be assigned a panel, reading and discussion, or reading at the discretion of the festival directors. 

Panels are moderated and do not include a reading. Many participants of the festival have amazing panel ideas, which include pre-determined discussion points, a moderator, and authors that have already agreed to participate. If you have a specific idea like this, please see the separate "Panel Proposal" submission form. 

A few authors will be selected to participate in panels that we create. Please indicate below what topics you would be comfortable discussing in a moderated panel.

Discussions include a reading and may or may not be moderated. These will be groups of 3-5 authors whose work is related in some way. If not moderated, the discussion should be directed by the authors themselves and include the audience. These groups will be decided by general subject matter of the material. 

Individual readings are reserved for authors that have not had an event in Missoula for their book, or if the festival directors see a need for that particular book to have a second event in its honor.

Please complete all parts of the electronic application form and send a copy of your book to the address specified on the form. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your application - we look forward to reading your work!

Thank you for your interest and support of The Montana Book Festival

Montana Book Festival